• Become a school bus driver!

    Hungry Minds seeks school drivers for the TEC

    The French-speaking agency is launching its first campaign after winning back the trust of the TEC for the years to come.

    In partnership with the FBAA (Belgian Federation of Bus and Coach Operators), the TEC is launching a campaign to recruit school drivers. In order to attract appropriate and quality profiles, the campaign plays on the codes of modernity and honesty about the challenges of this public utility mission.

    A video, digital & print campaign.

    TEC Chauffeurs
    TEC Chauffeurs
    TEC Chauffeurs
    TEC Chauffeurs

    Video link: https://vimeo.com/728867853/9c950ea616

  • A teenager at home?

    The TEC & Hungry Minds give parents of teenagers a hand

    To prepare for the start of the new school year and the return of young TEC subscribers to the buses, Le TEC and Hungry Minds have come up with a campaign that goes straight to the gut of parents of teenagers.

    The idea is to portray a reality shared by parents of children aged 12 to 18: having a teenager at home is not always easy.

    Of course, the bus drivers don't promise to solve all the little problems of parents' daily lives, but they have their own way of giving them a helping hand.

    Every year, more than 250,000 young people aged 12 to 18 take the TEC to school... And twice as many parents are relieved!

    Elements of the campaign


    Video link: https://vimeo.com/728867853/e9a4965beb


    TEC Ado


    TEC Ado

  • Racism, if we stopped laughing about it?

    Hungry Minds and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, on the frontline against racism

    Unfortunately, racism is still very present in our society. And at the origin of major discrimination phenomena, we often find little jokes, not at all funny and full of prejudice.

    The challenge

    Racism is ageless. How can we make secondary school students aware of the issue of racist prejudice?

    The idea

    To raise awareness, Hungry Minds chose to use a social experiment, conducted in 3 secondary schools in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Pupils were able to attend a tattooing session on the school premises. At first amused, they were then able to measure the seriousness of what was happening in front of them. There were no tribal motifs or butterflies. The tattoos represented "racist jokes" that are thrown around for laughs in class. Deeply shocked, the students were able to make the connection between these inappropriate phrases and the lifelong impact they have on those who hear them.

    In the wake of this social experiment, the after movie of which is broadcast on social networks, Hungry Minds has also set up a poster campaign, an Instagram account and a website, pasdrole.be, whose mission is to gather and then deconstruct racist prejudices. Pupils can contribute to the platform with sentences they have heard or experienced. A panel of experts analyses each contribution before deconstructing it with scientific rigour.

    Finally, the campaign is also available on TikTok and Instagram with influencers on the principle of "Try not to laugh" challenges. Several comedy sequences follow one another, the aim being to resist the urge to laugh. A racist sketch is inserted into the sequences. The influencer is then shocked and invites his community to stop laughing at racist prejudices.

    The elements of the campaign

    The after movie of the social experiment

    Video link: https://vimeo.com/689700251

    The posters

    FWB Pas drôle - Affiches

    The campaign website


    FWB Pas drôle - Site web
    FWB Pas drôle - Site web
    The campaign's Instagram account


  • A Chimay for a change

    Hungry Minds offers you a Chimay for a change

    Chimay's Trappist beers, appreciated throughout the world, no longer need to be introduced. On the other hand, Chimay's Trappist cheeses would benefit from being better known.

    The idea

    Like the beers, the Chimay cheeses have the Trappist label. This is a guarantee of quality, but also of solidarity. Indeed, Scourmont Abbey donates most of the profits from the cheese factory to mutual aid. This is how the concept of "A Chimay for a change" was born. Not only to change the beer, but also to change things, on its own scale.


    On radio, digital TV, social networks and news websites, Hungry Minds promotes the solidarity aspect of Chimay cheeses, by giving a voice to the farmers of the region who supply their good milk to the cheese dairy.

    On social networks, we play on the confusion between a Chimay beer and a Chimay cheese by transposing cheese into the world of beer: cheese cubes in a Chimay glass, a range of cheeses presented on a coffee tray, cheese on a coaster, etc.

    Finally, the campaign is accompanied by a couponing action at the point of sale to allow everyone to rediscover Chimay's know-how.

    Because a cheese that uses local milk and donates most of its profits to social aid, that's a real change!

    The elements of the campaign

    Radio spot

    Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4AAS8vztVg

    Social media publications

    Chimay pour changer

    Chimay pour changer
    Chimay pour changer
  • We know who will make tomorrow!

    Hungry Minds & Hénallux know who will make tomorrow!

    The Haute École de Namur-Liège-Luxembourg has chosen Hungry Minds to develop its new image campaign. Deployed in posters on buses, on social networks and in spots on Spotify and Deezer, the campaign features the talents of tomorrow in an authentic, uninhibited and confident attitude.

    Just like Hénallux's philosophy, the students are put at the centre of the communication. The message is both humble and positive, as the school presents itself as a catalyst that will allow students to have everything in hand, not only to adapt to the evolutions of our society, but also to be its driving force.

    Henallux affiche
    Henallux affiche
    Henallux affiche
    Radio spot
  • The Chimay 150, character and elegance

    Chimay 150

    The release of a new Trappist beer is always
    an event that raises a lot of expectations.

    The agency Hungry Minds therefore decided to warm up Chimay and beer lovers on social networks for the new product. The teasing put the natural area of Chimay in the center.

    Activation in the middle of the covid is possible!

    The agency also found a way to create a trendy, meaningful and covid-free activation!

    The idea is to take Chimay fans on a walk to discover this new beer.

    A 10 km walk in the heart of the beautiful Chimay woods, 10 km like the 10 degrees of this new Chimay Green.
    Taking the Chimay fans to the source, to the heart of the region, to the gates of the abbey,
    is the best way to tell the story of the authenticity of Chimay.

    100 fans had the privilege of tasting it before everyone else.

    A launch embodied by a video reveal.

    This new Trappist beer, Chimay 150, is presented in a video reveal. And of course in all variations on other touchpoints.

  • Latec.be... well no LETEC.be


    Le TEC launched its new client site during a campaign orchestrated by the French-speaking creative agency.

    The opportunity for le TEC to continue its digitalization and also to assert its identity and modernization with the Walloon population. It’s not les TEC (les TEC merged in 2019), it’s not infotec, it’s not la TEC, it’s simple… it’s le TEC.

    For this, the agency imagined a campaign on two levels.

    Highlighting the capacity for self-deprecation and humor of the public operator, the agency imagined the launch of a false site under the domain name www.latec.be, a site straight out of the web world of 2000.

    Before, finally, launching the real site www.letec.be.

    This campaign was developed with the help of Walloon artists to convey a real message of simplification and modernization.

    The Liège rapper Venlo composed the soundtrack for the video clip.

    Where, obviously, all the "LA" lyrics have been replaced by "LE".

    Link to the video

    Liège artists Doud and Noir Artist and Namur artist Salomé Gauthier have fully dressed 9 buses which crisscross the Walloon routes today.

    Broadcast on television, radio, social media, TEC vehicles and its other digital channels, this unique communication campaign has a clear message: it’s easier, it’s letec.be.

  • Milk is good by nature


    In a context where plant-based milks are becoming more and more seductive and deliberately creating confusion about their “natural” compositions, the challenge here was to shout loudly and creatively that milk from agriculture is naturally good.


    What if a famous Walloon chef did some "air-cooking" and offered us his personal recipe for a glass of milk... without ever adding anything to it.
    In the second year, another video spot was made: the prequel of the first
    one - featuring the whole preparation of the first one.


    This very visual campaign was integrated in TV and OOH.


    According to a survey, this campaign was highly appreciated for its originality, simplicity, and effectiveness.

    What we didstrategy, campaign, video

  • The ideal wood? Local wood!


    Incite the Walloons to consume Walloon wood ...
    without being able to say to the Walloons to buy Walloon wood.
    The European legislation putting a whole series of restrictions of communication in the use of their subsidies.


    So, if we can't mention Wallonia ...
    we will feel its accent.


    This campaign had two phases over two consecutive years: a first phase of awareness in TV, radio & OOH and a second phase of activation in social media & magazine press.


    In two years, the Bois Local label has gained a real notoriety among the Walloons. This campaign won the Grand Prix of the Wallonia-Brussels public complication.

    What we didstrategy, campaign, brand design, video, content

  • Destination Wallonia, everything to enjoy!


    In the middle of the Covid crisis, Wallonia has set itself a great challenge!
    To relaunch the tourism sector thanks to the creation of a new brand and a great campaign pursuing 2 objectives: a new era for tourism in Wallonia, fresh air for the tourist. In 8 weeks, tops.


    The idea was to surf on universal emotions that vacations offer, emotions increased due to the lockdown. Pleasures that Wallonia is fully capable to offer. The idea was also to surprise by showing an unusual, naturally attractive Wallonia. Into the W... allonia.


    This campaign was deployed on TV, billboards and digital. It was launched in mid-June and continued throughout the rest of the summer.


    Despite the obvious difficulties of the crisis for the sector, this campaign has allowed the sector to have better than expected results.

    What we didstrategy, campaign, brand design, video

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